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Relax and Refresh
11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen

Relieve daily fatigue and charge the energy. Chill out and relax yourself. The treatment leads you relaxation. You will be totally relaxed both physically and mentally after the treatment.

Size Down, Pelvic Corretion
11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen

Various physical disorder may be derived from distortion of the body. This treatment correct distortion and fix the entire body. It also effects to size down and slimming.

Cupping Course
11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen

Special suction cups are placed on your back to help improve blood circulation and solve sensitivity to cold and swelling.This treatment helps normalize your body’s internal regulation processes and assists with your physical wellbeing and weight loss.


Virgin Coconut Oil Body Treatment
Regular Price 11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen
*Provides for that sticky free feeling
The fine, long lasting particles found in virgin coconut oil permeate the skin without leaving you feeling sticky during the treatment and will make your skin more lucent.  
*Contains abundant amounts of gentle and safe lauric acid which is breast milk’s main component 
About half of coconut oil is made up of lauric acid which is the chief ingredient of breast milk and protects babies from bacteria.   Lauric acid when used as part of this treatment has the  advantageous effect of inhibiting germ penetration and blocks UV rays while helping to maintain your skin. Used for centuries to help retain moisture when applied to dry skin or to treat sunburns, virgin coconut oil is gentle for all skin types.
*All-purpose beautify treatment oil
Virgin coconut oil is safe and effective and can be applied over your entire body
Beautiful Legs Course
11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen

This course is designed for you who have problem area in thighs or calves. Conducting Lymphatic Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage, it works for blood flow and reduces swelling or smooth out cellulite.

Kei-Raku Beautiy Treatment
16,500yen 90min
Trial 11,000 yen

Kei-Raku is a total body beauty treatment that makes the skin and body beautiful and is highly effective for stress release. The Kei-Raku treatment method was developed by Keiko Tsukino, who in 1976 became the 14th recipient of the “World Beauty Prize” presented by the Comite International d' Esthetique et de Cosmetologie (CIDESCO); the world's major international beauty therapy association.
For more information please visit: Kei-Raku Beautiy Treatment


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