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Electro Hand is a facial treatment that integrates cosmetics, technique, and machine. 
The treatment is conducted in conjunction with low-frequency electronic pulsations and hand application by a skilled esthetician.   
In addition to the massage given by the esthetician, Electro Hand affects the tissues and function of the client’s body by providing stimulation through electrical pulsations, which enhances the massage. Electro Hand provides the appropriate stimulation and through the process of muscular constriction by kinetic stimulus, it rejuvenates the skin and works to minimize the aging process.
Because our nervous system functions by electrical signals, the Electro Hand method creates a low-level electric circuit between the esthetician’s hand and the client’s body and provides a pleasurable harmonization between esthetician and client.   
Electro Hand helps reduce wrinkles and firms sagging skin and helps to recover its muscular firmness, elasticity, and flexibility, which are symbolic of youth. It remediates wrinkles, firms the face line and eyes, and achieves maximum firming of the facial muscles.
This pleasant stimulation given by the esthetician’s skilled hand in applying the appropriate electrical stimulus allows the deepest parts of the skin and nerves to receive the stimulation needed for the nervous system to function properly.  

A treatment that has achieved “repeated customer satisfaction”

Electro Hand
16,500yen 90min
Trial 11,000yen



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