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“BIOPTRON” Nano Shower Course
5,500yen 30min

Optical Nano Shower is a widely used treatment in salons around the world. This Optical Nano Shower course employs the Swiss made, “BIOPTRON” light therapy system which utilizes infrared and visible rays as part of a clinically tested, proven, and certified medical and beauty treatment.  The system uses no UV rays and therefore no skin darkening will occur.  A Nano Shower of about 10 minutes will help maintain healthy skin and the treatment’s comfortable warmth will help you relax.  BIOTRON has a wide range of applications and can be used not only for anti-aging of the face, but also all over the body.  This course includes face washing, Nano Shower and facial masks.

Clean UP Course
6,600yen 60min
Trial 5,500yen

“Blackheads" occur when your skin’s pores become clogged with skin debris. This course focuses on removing blackheads by using intensive cleansing techniques.

Basic Course
8,800yen 60min
Trial 6,600yen

Treatment will be provided in accordance with specific problem, such as "dry skin", "sensitive skin", "whitening" or "anti-aging".

11,000yen 60min
Trial 8,800yen

Totally different from laser treatments of the past, Photo-rejuvenation is a modern skin treatment which uses intense pulsed light for treating skin conditions such as spots, freckles, or dull skin, and removes wrinkles caused by photo-aging. Our Photo-rejuvenation treatment helps the skin create new cells. In a short time you will feel the surprising effects of this treatment.

Electro Hand Treatment
16,500yen 90min
Trial 11,000yen

This pleasant stimulation given by the esthetician’s skilled hand in applying the appropriate electrical stimulus(60-70hz) allows the deepest parts of the skin and nerves to receive the stimulation needed for the nervous system to function properly. You will be surprise the difference of before and after of having treatment.

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Electro Hand Treatment


“BIOPTRON” Nano Shower Course

The Optical Nano-Shower Course helps improve skin conditions such as spots, freckles, acne, wrinkles, and dull skin. It also helps with hair restoration!

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